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Review Week

Review Week: The SRCS calendar differs from other schools’ calendars. Like public schools, we operate in two semesters. However, instead of four 9-week quarters, we have six 6-week sessions. This provides the same number of school days and a very similar start and end date, but with one-week breaks (review weeks) in between each session. This allows any students experiencing academic difficulties in the classroom an opportunity to “catch up” to the pace of the class before classes resume.

  • Allows the student who has fallen below the pace of the class one-on-one and small-group tutoring.
  • Allows students whose grades and end-of-session exams reflect that they are struggling in a specific skill or concept to receive tutoring or small group support.

Review Week attendance is by invitation only. Although it is optional, it is strongly suggested that any student invited participates. Invitation means there is a concern over the student’s ability to successfully move forward with the pace of the class. Review Week allows the opportunity for no student to be left behind!

Instead of taking many teacher planning days throughout the school year, we save these for Review Weeks. Our families love the little differences of our school calendar!