Main Campus (7th-12th), 1350 East Lake Road North, Tarpon Springs, FL 34688
Second Campus (K-7th), 1700 Keystone Road, Tarpon Springs, FL 34688
Future Campus (K-12), 3561 Keystone Road, Tarpon Springs, FL 34688
Phone: (727) 934-0909

Special Events

School parties are for students of all ages and take place during normal school hours.
Families are invited to attend.

We have 6 school parties each year. Whole school parties include Astro Skate, Amazing Race, Christmas Gift Exchange, Inflatable Party, Beach and Kayak party, and more.

We believe whole school parties are a great and fun way to produce and establish whole school relationships and camaraderie.

Homecoming is a formal dance/party offered for students in 7th-12th grade to celebrate the end of the football season and our awesome football players and cheerleaders!

Homecoming is a formal dance party offered the weekend before our final HOME football game.  It is a time to celebrate the SRCS Crusader’s football players and cheerleaders and all the hard work they have shown that season.  Homecoming is a formal themed event with appetizers and beverages.  It is chaperoned by SRCS teachers.


End-of-Year Ceremony

At the end of each school year we host a commencement and promotion ceremony. This is the time when seniors receive their diplomas, and undergraduates receive a certificate of promotion or participation for the school year. This is a formal event. Awards and trophies are presented. All students are required to attend this very fun evening, and we encourage parents and family to attend too!