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Guitar and Bass Lessons

Guitar or Bass Lessons

If your child has an interest in learning to play the guitar or bass, or would like to improve their skills, we will be offering FREE small-group lessons after school on selected days and times. Each participant must own their own instrument. Please let the front desk know the following information:

Student Name-Campus-Age-Instrument-Ability level (see below)

Beginner. The student level ranges from ‘never touched an instrument before’ to ‘able to strum a few chords but don’t really know what to do with them.’

Advanced beginner. Should know basic open chords, 3-6 chords at least: G, C, D, A, E and maybe F. Maybe also their minor counterparts. Should be able to strum and change chords easily and steadily. Should know 2 to 12 simple songs, playing them by using single notes. Quarter notes good for the melodies. Should be able to tune their instrument by ear or with a tuner, put on the picks if used, know which string is which (first, second, etc) and the names of the strings.

Intermediate. All of the above plus… Should be able to comfortably play chords, some scales, and be able to get a good sound from the instrument. Understand the use of a capo. Should be becoming aware of the instrument’s role in a group situation and be asking questions such as: “How do I backup another musician or singer?” or “How do I play solos up the neck? ” or “How can I learn to play faster?”

Advanced. Should have a large repertoire. Interested in the finer points of improvising and experiencing music as a language. Should have a basic knowledge of music theory and realize that an ever-expanding knowledge of theory will open more doors to them. Should be striving for more precision and mastery of both the right hand and the fingerboard. Should be able to learn without tablature, to improvise a little, and have some understanding of playing up the neck. Should be performing in bands or solo or just on the edge of being able to do so.